Private Home cinema for Westwood joinery – Hampstead

  • Type: Home Cinema
  • Specification:

  • This is one of the largest home cinemas that we have been involved in. We have completed several projects over many years for Westwood joinery and the good working relationship we have with them helps to create finished projects like this one.

    We fitted our 9mm tracking system to all wall and ceiling areas, finished with our lining fabric and the final grey fabric. The side walls were stepped to allow for LEDs to be fitted vertically behind each section.

    Each step ran continuously from one side, over the ceiling to the other side of the room with a curved detail at the top of each wall. We were able to achieve a great finish on this detail due to the versatility of our tracking system. Pattresses were fitted behind the fabric to allow the speakers to be surface mounted. A great end product was achieved by all involved.