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Desmond and sons have been established for over 30 years. We specialise in stretched fabric wall covering. Over the years we have worked for many world renowned recording studios and artists and many prestigious clients in the home cinema industry.

Home cinemas

Over the years Desmond and sons have built up an extensive client base in the home cinema industry. The stretched fabric services that we offer not only create a very aesthetically pleasing finish, but can drastically improve the acoustics of the room.


Using fabric for decoration has always been a popular choice and with the endless options of fabrics to suit all tastes a room can be transformed exactly the way you want.


Our system has been used in many of the top Film and music studios throughout the world, including the world famous Abbey Road Studio, Air Studios, Pinewood and Shepperton Film Studios to mention just a few.

What we do and What our Clients say.


We use a personally designed tracking system, which is fixed in situ thus allowing the fabric to be stretched and clipped into place. The versatile design of our tracking system allows us to fit fabric around any architectural detail and follow any desired design. Our system can be fitted at any depth, allowing acoustic treatment to be placed behind the fabric, which is acoustically transparent.


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